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the family
The Poggio al Vento is a family owned farm that offers guests hospitality in five charming two-bedroom flats, offering a wonderful view over the Orcia Valley. Guest staying here can induldge themselves with the familys’ wine, their olive oil, honey and all sorts of veggies from the garden.
Lido and Marisa Mascelloni took over the Poggio al Vento in 1961 and raised their son Roberto there. Till the early 70ies they produced wine and olive oil for their own use and only some cereals to sell, but began planting soon the first vinyards and olive groves in larger scales. Unfortunately a severe winter froze most of the olive trees to death, back in the early 80ies, but the Mascellonis decided even to replant more olive trees than they had before. Since then they are selling their production of extra vergin olive oil, available in 750 ml bottles or in cans of three or five liters.

In 1994 they finally decided to built the first three guest rooms, they will name “Giglio“ "Tulipano" and "Geranio". Encouraged by the success, two more rooms , called "Oleandro" and "Mimosa" followed. Pool opening is scheduled on May 2011.
Ever since then many guests came as strangers and left as friends, happy and relaxed, while the wine grew and it was on Valentines day 2000 the Mascellonis fianally bottled their first red wine production. They named it after the Orcia river, shaping this magical landstrip. Made 100% out of Sangiovese grapes, aged in oak wood barrels.
After the poor Sangiovese harvest in 2002 they began blending some Cabernet Sauvignon into their red wine. The results were excellent and a new label was born: the “Arcere”. But not only the wines of the family are showing a very high quality standard. Where ever the Mascellonis lay there hands, something great is born: there olive oil, a blend out of carefully selected, and olives, their honey or the veggetables they offer their guests, or the grain they grow.
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